Join the Bitcoins Gifting Program Now and Discover the Perfect Opportunity to Build your Wealth


The year 2013 has indeed been an incredible one for bitcoins. The online crypto-currency began the year at $13.55 and surged past $1000 following the green light from the feds and the Senate before closing the year at between $700 and $800 in the Bitstamp and the MtGox Bitcoin exchanges respectively.  The same year has seen an increasing number of businesses adopting bitcoins including Virgin Galactic and a host of online merchants.  For those who are late in the game, it has become increasingly difficult to acquire new bitcoins due to the cost implications. The bitcoin mining process has also become increasingly complex and miners need more powerful mining hardware and pools to enable them unlock blocks of bitcoins. The accumulation of the bitcoins wealth is thus quite difficult unless you discover the third way which is a lot simpler and does not require any significant investments in the hardware or the exchanges-bitcoins gifting.

Bitcoins gifting utilizes simple old ethos-Pay it Forward. You help others and you in turn earn some good money by doing that. The gifting is done using a technological platform made of gifting tables which determine the order in which the users give and receive gifts. By donating gifts, users earn spots on the gifting tables which in turn puts them in a good stead to receive more gifts.  Users can earn additional spots by inviting new users onto the platform. There are five gifting tables and users on the platform will earn a bitcoin gifting more frequently the higher they go on the gifting table hierarchy.

The gifts are issued sequentially. Every time you give out a gift, this goes to the person at the top of each table who is due to receive a gift. When the person receives the second gift they move forward and you in turn receive gifts. Through the bitcoins gifting program, you are able to help new users begin their path to financial freedom while you receive gifts in return thus offering you a perfect opportunity to accumulate your bitcoins cache without investing in a costly ASIC mining machine or speculating on the value of the bitcoins in some of the leading exchanges.

So why wait on your path to financial freedom? Join now and begin reaping the fruits of the bitcoins gifting program. Registration on the platform is simple and straightforward and will only take you five minutes. All you need to do is enter your name, email address and telephone number to get started and become a part of this promising wealth building opportunity. Follow the link to sign up on the bitcoins gifting program.

If you have been invited by someone to the platform, you may ask them to donate a bitcoin for you to get started and you can in turn pay it forward by donating it to someone. The platform has no restrictions on how much bitcoins wealth you can accumulate or what to do with the bitcoins that you have earned through the platform. You may choose to use them to purchase additional spots on the gifting tables or you may withdraw them from the system and use them as you see fit. To learn more on how to accumulate the bitcoin join now by signing up at .