3 Things to Look at When Buying a Vacuum Lifter


Are you thinking about getting a vacuum lifter to ease the workload in your company? When you need a machine that can handle malleable and fragile materials such as glass panels, concrete or wooden slabs, and metal sheets. Then this is what you are looking for.

Vacuum lifting systems are designed for quick and safe handling of heavy loads. With an ultra-high and direct-drive vacuum pump, this machine provides enough suction force that is necessary for lifting and holding large objects. The heavy lifting is made possible with the air balancer or electric chain hoist found in the equipment.

This machine is highly advantageous particularly since this can potentially reduce the need for an additional workforce. Thus, greatly reducing operational costs, which may lead to more savings. However, you must consider 3 important things before settling for a final product to purchase. Here are what you must take note of. Click here Millsom

Functionality and Features

When considering which vacuum lifter to buy. You have to consider its design and controls first. Are these ergonomically designed to suit use? Will this enable easy access to control buttons during operation? Additionally, does it have safety features such as an ergonomic handlebar, non-return valve, and an electronic warning device that guarantees your worker’s protection? Speaking of safety, does it also have additional optical and acoustic warning features?

Here are additional features that you must look for before buying a vacuum lifting machine.

  • A precise lifting mechanism of the electric hoist that provides a secure vertical movement
  • An integrated set of controls that includes a hoist controller, a gauge for vacuum level monitoring, and length handles for extended use.
  • A feature that enables vacuum level adjustment for safe handling of porous materials such as particleboard sheets
  • Customisable features such as beam types, sealing rings, and suction pad arrangements depending on your requirements

Weight Capacity

You must also take note of the machine’s capacity. Depending on the workload in your warehouse or factory, it is necessary to be precise about this. Various equipment has different weight capacities from 500 kilograms to 2000 kilograms.

However, a self-suction vacuum lifter can potentially carry smooth and non-porous loads of up to 4000 kilograms. So it is much better if you ask the supplier or manufacturer for any recommendations that may suit your work needs.


When buying heavy-duty machines, always look for the warranty clauses and see which are covered. Will this include future repairs and maintenance? What about spare parts and accessories such as heat-resistant sealing rings?

You might need to sit down with the manufacturer or supplier to discuss the warranties thoroughly. Know what is in it for you so you will have no problems in the future.

When buying a vacuum lifting machine, you have to take into careful consideration the features and functions, its weight capacity, and lastly, its warranty. This will enable you to come up with the best selection of machines to purchase. For other hoisting equipment, just check out suppliers like Millsom for a wide variety of machines and engineering products.

What to Expect from a Flexible Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Training


Lean six sigma is a continuous rigorous process that identifies wastes and quality issues, analyses them using metrics and statistics, identifies the cause of these problems, improves the process and develops means of controlling quality. It is a five-step process that involves DMAIC (define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). The main objective of lean six sigma green belt certification is to enable employees to gain skills in implementation of quality improvement strategies.

lean six sigma green belt

Key competencies and expected achievements

Lean six sigma green belts operate under the supervision of black belts and perform most practical work during the implementation of lean six sigma projects. In most cases, they spend their time solving and improving quality problems. They do not work on a cross functional project but concentrate on improving quality in their area of expertise. Occasionally, they work as leaders of small lean six sigma projects.

Upon the completion of the course, green belt graduate should be able to understand the DMAIC process, select good projects, identify and fully define the problem to be solved, determine the baseline data of the process to be improved, analyze processes and products using specialized tools such as cause-effect diagrams, control charts, Pareto analysis to determine the cause of problem as well as determine the best solution to improve and control the process. A green belt is however not expected to lead a team but rather work as a quality improvement team member.

The training enables employees to understand the organization processes in relation to quality and this is critical in identifying quality issues and improvement strategies.  Normally, green belts act as direct assistant to black belts, project champions, and managers during the design and implementation of six sigma processes. They are crucial and must have hands-on experience in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. They also supervise yellow and white belts team members.

Examination and certification

Green belt course can be provided as an online course or a short training course lasting a few weeks or months. The online course is flexible and affordable as one can learn anytime and anywhere. Being a practical course, leaner’s must be provided with unlimited access to tools, software’s and templates used in data collection, statistical analysis, flow-chart development, process analysis, control charts development and process improvement.

Goleansixsigma.com provides credible and certified lean six sigma courses. The go lean six sigma green belt course is a must have for employees wishing to sharpen their quality management skills and advance their careers. The course is offered online for a flexible period of 32 hours and the exam comprises of 125 multiple choice questions. Upon completion, learners are provided with a certificate.

Benefits of six sigma green belt certification 

There many benefits of six sigma green belt training to employees and the sponsoring company. Employees are able to advance their career and increase chances of getting better employment terms. Employers, on the other hand, get improved services delivery, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, higher sales and profits due to better quality, reduced operation costs and less wastage.  For more details just visit https://goleansixsigma.com/online-lean-six-sigma-green-belt-training/