Thursday, October 29

Selling Your Home? Here’s How to Make It Drama-Free and Easy

The home is where family memories happen. Although it’s sad to part with your long-time abode, there will come a time when you need to relocate in search of better opportunities. Are you experiencing the dilemma of selling your home and being tied to it emotionally? If yes, here are some ways agents at suggest to make the process easy and drama-free.

  1. Work closely with a professional real estate agent.

The pros know how best to navigate the tricky, but lucrative, real estate industry. Don’t be afraid of the real estate commissions if you hire an agent. They can help you come up with a reasonable selling price based on the age and features of your home without compromising your property. They can also suggest ways to improve the house to increase its value. Once the potential price is set, they can help you look for potential clients who have the money for your home. Then, it’s bidding time.

  1. Consider delegating the paperwork to a reliable conveyancing service provider.

The paperwork (e.g. legal documents, contracts) is usually the cause of so much stress when selling a property. If you do the paperwork on your own, you could miss a day or two at work. Besides, there might be parts of the document you don’t understand. So, save yourself from the hassle and stress. Hire a conveyancing professional from to do the legwork for your contracts, mortgage, change of ownership docs, and rates.

  1. Avail of a pre-sale inspection and make the necessary home improvement projects.

Prepping your home accordingly is one of the effective ways to attract the right buyers. Before you call a real estate agent, it would be wise to avail of pre-sale inspection. This is the perfect way for you to know which areas of your home need some patching up. Fresh paint might be necessary for the kitchen. Or, you might be required to update the outdated wiring. Repairs might also be needed for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The moment your home is on the market, it will be scrutinized to the tiniest detail. And, structural inefficiencies are reasons to negotiate the price.

  1. Be creative with marketing and with accommodating potential buyers.

Hiring professional photographers to take pictures of your home is a great idea. This will ensure you’ll have attention-grabbing pictures to post on social media and other channels. Invite potential buyers for a home visit, so that they can tour the area. It would also be wise to set a deadline for the sale. This will create a sense of urgency and encourage buyers to decide faster.

As much as buying a home is a major financial decision, selling a house also requires careful thinking by both parties – the buyer and you. And, this could take forever if you’re not that intentional on the process. To help you get through this challenging decision, it’s best to rely on experts, such as real estate agents and the conveyancing professionals from