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5 important pieces of commercial cooking equipment your restaurant

Starting a restaurant business is more than just choosing a concept and listing down the menu. It involves massive planning and research. Then, you have to plan what equipment you will need, such as a commercial food warmer, refrigerator, a set of utensils, etc. Commercial kitchen equipment will cost you a lot, but they are necessary to keep your restaurant functional.

Commercial kitchen cooking equipment is different from those that you use at home. Obviously, kitchen equipment for restaurant use is heavy-duty that can cook up a large quantity of food in one sitting.

Choosing the right commercial cooking equipment can be a daunting task. Nonetheless, there are 5 pieces that you will most likely need:

  1. Commercial food warmer

Food warmers are essential in any foodservice business because they allow the food to be prepared ahead of time, making the kitchen more efficient. Maintaining the right temperature will prevent bacterial growth and food spoilage. Moreover, commercial food warmer ensures that your customers get to eat hot and delicious meals.

Food warmers keep the food warm through indirect heat, usually with the use of a water bath.

  1. Commercial grill

Commercial grills are important because they allow a big batch of food to be prepared at the same time. The heat source of grills may be an electric or open flame. A grill may either have a rack or an open grate.

There is also the commercial chargrill that uses gas and produces those sought-after grill marks. On the other hand, a commercial charcoal BBQ if you are serving marinaded dishes.

  1. Commercial oven

This is used to cook up dishes that require even and dry cooking. It is not only used for bread and pastries, but it is also great for casseroles, lasagnas, and many more. The type of oven you will be getting will depend on the dishes you have on your menu.

  1. Deep fryer

Deep fryers can either be gas or electric. Electric deep fryers heat the oil evenly but can shoot up your electricity bill. Gas deep fryers are more economical for restaurant use.

You will find energy-efficient gas deep fryers that use of quality steel. High-quality steel heats up oil more quickly. According to restaurateurs, using these deep fryers allows them to save up as much as 50% of their gas consumption.

  1. Commercial stove

Stoves are the most important cooking equipment in a commercial kitchen. You can cook countless dishes with stoves. Gas stoves are preferred because they are much cheaper to use than those electric stoves. Also, gas stoves are ideal especially in places that experience power outages often.

commercial portable gas stove can come in handy when you are into foodservice and do onsite food preparation.

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