Healthy patients

Following the comments of a previous post, a reader affirmed that doctors would be happy if patients were healthy.
I think we are losing perspective in the interesting debate that had been held …
Physicians do not want healthy patients and can never be our aspiration. Do not confuse the universal desire to have a simple job of wanting a job without meaning.
The meaning of our profession is to provide health to people. The problems do not come by the severity or complication to diagnose or treat a disease but in the perversions inherent in the current health system.
We do not complain about a hypertensive patient who has to add drugs to keep figures within limits or the person to be prescribed an immunomodulator to avoid rejection of his kidney transplant, for many visits required by the first or very expensive that is the second medication.
Complaints come when the system is abused.
When, for example, explaining that a cream analgesic has no more effect than the massage itself and that any moisturizer or oil that favors the massage will come well, the patient answers “Yes, but the Calmatel © is free for me. insurance”
I am not talking about a difference of opinion (“I notice more relief with Nolotil © than with paracetamol, tell me about it”), but about the abuse of the system. To bring the cartons in pairs to make a visit every week instead of one every month and take advantage to get a new reason for consultation. Of the dependence of certain drugs of discarded efficacy (or health risks with prolonged use) without taking into account more criteria than “Once Don So-and-So sent me (ten years ago) and I did well, so I use it since then » Of the «As it is raining I put a warning so that the doctor comes to my house» (is that the title made me immune to the showers?). Or “I feel very tired and I have not been analytical for two months”, a frequency that is not even included in the health program +65 in force in Andalusia, designed by politics and not by clinical evidence.
It’s not that we want healthy patients, it’s that we want sick patients. To those of us who have something to be able to solve.
That is why many colleagues defend (defend) some kind of measure that regulates access, without limiting or restricting it. That health care remains universal, but that a few do not harm the quality of care received by those who truly need it.