Contraceptives, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Contraceptive methods, fortunately, there are numerous, increasingly more and with fewer side effects and greater ease of use.
But they are not equivalent among them. It is not the same to use one or the other.
Generally, mothers of adolescent girls fear pregnancy above all and when they come to consultation or go to Family Planning they ask about hormonal contraceptives. And they are greatly surprised when, for that situation, I strongly recommend condoms more than anovulators.
Such an uncomfortable method that depends on a man (“we all know how unconscious they are when they feel like it”)? Better than the patch? I do not think so‚Ķ
They are forgetting that the risk that runs with a sexual relationship is not just an unwanted pregnancy, but also diseases. AIDS is the most serious (incurable today) but much more numerous are gonorrhea, lymphogranuloma, syphilis and infection by papillomavirus, which not only causes condylomata acuminata but also is a risk factor for the development of cervical cancer.
Against them, hormonal methods do not protect. And generally, if a fifteen-year-old girl already has a sexual partner, it will not be the same for the rest of her life, which increases the risk of infection. Let’s blame it on how difficult it is to find your better half and that, the more contacts with different people, the more likely you are to match someone with a disease. See more here hormonal contraceptives
In the specific case of cervical cancer, the risk of suffering from it increases if both men and women have had sexual intercourse before the age of 16 or if they have had numerous sexual partners. Although the disease manifests thirty or forty years later and only women suffer.
The choice of contraceptive method has to be based not only on the comfort of putting on a patch a week or stopping the previous game to put on a condom but on various factors of the couple, not only of the woman: stability of the relationship, smoking habit , age, allergies, frequency of contacts …
But yes, use the method that is used, that is used well. You can not take a condom for two years waiting for the opportunity to use it and trust that it has the same effectiveness, nor (true) take two pills together of a daily anovulatory as if it were the postcoital pill to avoid having to use a condom .