What to Expect from a Flexible Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Training


Lean six sigma is a continuous rigorous process that identifies wastes and quality issues, analyses them using metrics and statistics, identifies the cause of these problems, improves the process and develops means of controlling quality. It is a five-step process that involves DMAIC (define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). The main objective of lean six sigma green belt certification is to enable employees to gain skills in implementation of quality improvement strategies.

lean six sigma green belt

Key competencies and expected achievements

Lean six sigma green belts operate under the supervision of black belts and perform most practical work during the implementation of lean six sigma projects. In most cases, they spend their time solving and improving quality problems. They do not work on a cross functional project but concentrate on improving quality in their area of expertise. Occasionally, they work as leaders of small lean six sigma projects.

Upon the completion of the course, green belt graduate should be able to understand the DMAIC process, select good projects, identify and fully define the problem to be solved, determine the baseline data of the process to be improved, analyze processes and products using specialized tools such as cause-effect diagrams, control charts, Pareto analysis to determine the cause of problem as well as determine the best solution to improve and control the process. A green belt is however not expected to lead a team but rather work as a quality improvement team member.

The training enables employees to understand the organization processes in relation to quality and this is critical in identifying quality issues and improvement strategies.  Normally, green belts act as direct assistant to black belts, project champions, and managers during the design and implementation of six sigma processes. They are crucial and must have hands-on experience in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. They also supervise yellow and white belts team members.

Examination and certification

Green belt course can be provided as an online course or a short training course lasting a few weeks or months. The online course is flexible and affordable as one can learn anytime and anywhere. Being a practical course, leaner’s must be provided with unlimited access to tools, software’s and templates used in data collection, statistical analysis, flow-chart development, process analysis, control charts development and process improvement.

Goleansixsigma.com provides credible and certified lean six sigma courses. The go lean six sigma green belt course is a must have for employees wishing to sharpen their quality management skills and advance their careers. The course is offered online for a flexible period of 32 hours and the exam comprises of 125 multiple choice questions. Upon completion, learners are provided with a certificate.

Benefits of six sigma green belt certification 

There many benefits of six sigma green belt training to employees and the sponsoring company. Employees are able to advance their career and increase chances of getting better employment terms. Employers, on the other hand, get improved services delivery, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, higher sales and profits due to better quality, reduced operation costs and less wastage.  For more details just visit https://goleansixsigma.com/online-lean-six-sigma-green-belt-training/

Top Ways to Beat Competition in Digital Marketing

Advertising & Marketing

Highly industrialized states or regions experience vibrant economies that grow from a combination of enterprises. Businesses come up and commercial hubs take root. This situation throws business owners and top management personnel to consider various marketing methods, including digital marketing. They also consult widely with reliable marketers such as Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO professional.

A Case in Point

For example, Colorado is one of the major states in America with a vibrant economy that grows from a combination of industries. By virtue of its growing economy, it is often referred to as one of the resource states in the US. The active economy of Colorado has led to many businesses coming up in the region to engage in various commercial activities, selling products and services that can match its economy.

Due to the influx of businesses in the region, services of a company offering digital marketing services are important in the area, with most businesses adopting digital marketing solutions. In such places, services of marketers such as Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO expert can help businesses take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Beating Competition and Staying Relevant in the Market

As businesses compete to stay relevant in the market, they need the services of a company that can provide appropriate digital marketing solutions and web design techniques to enable them to compete in the digital world of business. Such services can improve their websites and maximize their opportunities in online marketing. Read more at Ardor Secure

To that end, reliable experts like Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO consultant can offer useful tips. For instance, Ardor SEO Ryan Deiss offers innovative digital solutions, which incorporate SEO, web design services, and content delivery for businesses in Australia and beyond. With many businesses springing up every year, competition is high and each company has to redefine its digital marketing strategies to remain visible online.

Why Engage Digital Marketing Experts

To achieve their goals in online marketing, businesses require support from the experts. For example, digital marketers like Ryan Deiss Ardor SEO consultant has the expertise and experience in digital marketing to enable companies to attract and maintain as many visitors as possible. Effective web design, SEO, and social media marketing services are some of the ways that businesses can maximize their marketing opportunities in the virtual world.

If you operate a business with a focus on online marketing, then the services of Ryan Deiss with Ardor SEO are some of the resources to rely on for the best tips for digital marketing.

Target Areas of Digital Marketers

Reliable experts work with businesses both mainstream and start-ups, to give them optimized digital marketing solutions to meet the needs of their customers. To help you meet the challenges of digital marketing, they have tailored their services to help you maximize your benefits of digital marketing. Their innovative digital marketing strategies include social media marketing, mobile marketing, pay-per-click, and consulting services.

The platform of digital marketing is constantly changing, which requires businesses to adapt to the changing trends. Only the right company in digital marketing can guide you appropriately to remain relevant and visible in the online marketing industry. That is why you should learn more about Ardor secure with Ryan Deiss.

Buying a New Printer: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Business Services

You can make your everyday printing easier and cheaper if you buy the right printer. With so many companies selling printers today, finding the right sellers may be tricky. However, if you aim at buying a printer that is of high quality and easy to use in your business, GOM has wide format printers for sale. Purchasing the wrong printer can lead to frustration. Some people are lucky to realize immediately that the machine they have bought is not the right one, and thus send it back. Others realize when they have used the printer for some time, or when their needs change. You can avoid the disappointment of buying the wrong printer by researching well and avoiding the following mistakes.

Purchasing a cheap printer

Many buyers aim at saving on cost. However, some decisions may result to more costs in the future. For instance, you may plan to buy a printer that costs five hundred dollars, but then notice that you can buy another printer that can do the work you want at only two hundred dollars. Despite the fact that you have saved three hundred dollars on the cheap printer, you may end up spending more money in maintenance of the cheap printer. Cheap printers usually turn out to be more costly in future. If you are printing large volumes of documents, it is advisable to buy high quality HP DesignJet large format printers on sale irrespective of cost.


Software compatibility

When you purchase a new printer, you will be tempted to plug it direct to your current IT setup; of which you can. However, you cannot do this always. Some printers do not work with certain operating systems, thus the need to research well before buying. Research is particularly important in case you have a setup that is non-standard or you are using older software.

Having wrong printer technology

Having the right printer technology is very imperative and it will largely depend on how you intend to use your printer. You should not be tempted to think that a certain type of printer is better than others since every printer has its own weaknesses and strengths. GOM has wide format printers for sale that can suit your specific business needs. Read more at Gom

Failing to plan for the future

Before buying a printer, evaluate how your business operations might change over the years. Basically, businesses are started with an aim of having them develop after some years. Depending on the nature of business that you do, you may realize that your business may record immense growth after one or two years. This will require you to factor in the growth while buying the best large format printer.

Purchasing the right printer for your business may be taxing at times. It is advisable to always conduct your research before you settle for the exclusive wide format printer deals. You can locate ample information online to help you buy the best printer based on your intended use. GOM has wide format printers for sale that can suit you particularly if your work involves heavy printing. For more details please visit this site https://gom.com.au/products/printer-sales-promo/large-format-printer/

How to Manage Quality of Metal Extrusions Products Imported

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China is said to be the largest producer of aluminum extrusions by accounting for more than 50% of the global aluminum production. The trend is expected to continue increasing in the years to come. Apart from aluminum, China has the leading metal extrusions manufacturers and suppliers of plastic, rubber, among the products being utilized in industries across the globe.

According to the statistics, many companies all over the world find it natural to want their products imported from China. However, the thing that most people would battle with when it comes to getting their products from overseas is assurance of quality. This is because it can be quite risky to give a company a deposit of up to 100,000 dollars and when you finally receive the products they are not what you expected. This article provides a guide on how to go about it.

How to Manage Product Quality

One of the surest ways that companies can determine the quality of products from metal extrusions manufacturers overseas is by conducting product inspection. By implementing product inspection, a company will be able to tell the condition and quality of the products they are getting before they are shipped. Inspections can be done at different stages of production. It can be done before the process of extrusion begins where parts and materials are checked to determine quality. It can also be done during production or when the goods are being packaged.

metal extrusions manufacturers

Options Available to Importers

For people who are importing products from metal extrusions manufacturers overseas, it can be quite hard to determine the best method of inspection. This would be especially hard for a person that’s less experienced on how importing products works. There are ways you can ensure inspection of the product by either using factory staff, personally travelling to the factory to do the inspection, hiring a full-time inspector or a third party inspector to verify the product.

Why Hire a Full-Time Inspector

A full-time inspector is normally paid to do the inspection of the products in the country the supplier’s factory is located.  They are usually hired locally and speak the local language. There are many advantages that come with hiring these people. First is the fact that it can be quite cost-saving and convenient as the importer does not have to travel to the supplier’s factory personally every time they will need to have an order inspected. Also,  getting direct reports from the ground and  consistent reporting are benefits of hiring an inspector. Since the inspectors are normally conversant with the country of manufacture, there will be easier communication between the  importers, inspectors and china metal extrusions manufacturers.

When it comes to getting products from metal extrusions manufacturers overseas, many people are finding it easier to manage quality by hiring inspectors to do inspections for them at the specific metal extrusions manufacturers in China factory. Also doing adequate research and going with companies from whom you are assured of quality is a great mechanism check out chinese manufacturer

Join the Bitcoins Gifting Program Now and Discover the Perfect Opportunity to Build your Wealth


The year 2013 has indeed been an incredible one for bitcoins. The online crypto-currency began the year at $13.55 and surged past $1000 following the green light from the feds and the Senate before closing the year at between $700 and $800 in the Bitstamp and the MtGox Bitcoin exchanges respectively.  The same year has seen an increasing number of businesses adopting bitcoins including Virgin Galactic and a host of online merchants.  For those who are late in the game, it has become increasingly difficult to acquire new bitcoins due to the cost implications. The bitcoin mining process has also become increasingly complex and miners need more powerful mining hardware and pools to enable them unlock blocks of bitcoins. The accumulation of the bitcoins wealth is thus quite difficult unless you discover the third way which is a lot simpler and does not require any significant investments in the hardware or the exchanges-bitcoins gifting.

Bitcoins gifting utilizes simple old ethos-Pay it Forward. You help others and you in turn earn some good money by doing that. The gifting is done using a technological platform made of gifting tables which determine the order in which the users give and receive gifts. By donating gifts, users earn spots on the gifting tables which in turn puts them in a good stead to receive more gifts.  Users can earn additional spots by inviting new users onto the platform. There are five gifting tables and users on the platform will earn a bitcoin gifting more frequently the higher they go on the gifting table hierarchy.

The gifts are issued sequentially. Every time you give out a gift, this goes to the person at the top of each table who is due to receive a gift. When the person receives the second gift they move forward and you in turn receive gifts. Through the bitcoins gifting program, you are able to help new users begin their path to financial freedom while you receive gifts in return thus offering you a perfect opportunity to accumulate your bitcoins cache without investing in a costly ASIC mining machine or speculating on the value of the bitcoins in some of the leading exchanges.

So why wait on your path to financial freedom? Join now and begin reaping the fruits of the bitcoins gifting program. Registration on the platform is simple and straightforward and will only take you five minutes. All you need to do is enter your name, email address and telephone number to get started and become a part of this promising wealth building opportunity. Follow the link http://bitcoinsgifting.com/join-now.php to sign up on the bitcoins gifting program.

If you have been invited by someone to the platform, you may ask them to donate a bitcoin for you to get started and you can in turn pay it forward by donating it to someone. The platform has no restrictions on how much bitcoins wealth you can accumulate or what to do with the bitcoins that you have earned through the platform. You may choose to use them to purchase additional spots on the gifting tables or you may withdraw them from the system and use them as you see fit. To learn more on how to accumulate the bitcoin join now by signing up at http://bitcoinsgifting.com/join-now.php .